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Litigation and Forensic Consulting Services

Facts and data matter to reputation and actionable legal, arbitration or compliance decisions. Sometimes even the best run businesses face governmental, regulatory or litigation inquiries together with breach-of-contract and fraud disputes. We can guide your response and create the tools that quantify damages as well as support court testimony at professional evidentiary standards.

Let us help you figure out what happened and how to fix it. Preventively, let us help you understand business risks to lower the probability and severity of bad things before they happen.

Independent Verification

  • Data
  • Third-party transactions
  • Audits
  • Contract review
  • Financial statements
  • Non-standard events
  • Governmental or regulatory compliance
  • Conformity to accounting standards
  • Waste, fraud, corruption and abuse

Service Categories

  • Forensic accounting & advisory services
  • Practice disputes
  • Trial services
  • Data compliance, monitoring & receivership
  • Anti-corruption investigations

The more we do with you, the more we can do for you

The more we do with you, the more we can do for you

If you woke up the other day to find the government stimulus check in your bank account, Congratulations! This article isn’t for you.  If you haven't received your Economic Impact payment from the IRS yet, here are some reasons why.

As of today, Self Employed business owners and Independent Contractors can apply for financial hardship relief through the SBA's $349 Billion potentially forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loan.  The program, which opened a week earlier on April 3rd, was initially only open only to applications from businesses that had had payroll and employees up until at least February of 2020.