Our Mission

PayDay Masters has been positively impacting the bottom line of small businesses since our company first began processing payrolls in 2006. As a Certified Public Accountant, it didn’t take long for PayDay Masters’ Founder, Victor Cabilla, to recognize that small businesses were paying big fees to established large national payroll service companies. In reviewing his client’s books he was surprised to find that the billing associated with payroll services was often exorbitant, complex and unnecessary.

In speaking with many business owners, he also found that many times, they didn’t even realize that there could be an alternative to using the well-known expensive payroll companies, which they were completely dependent on for their payroll processing. He knew that small business owners everywhere could benefit from a simple, reliable and affordable solution, while maintaining the high level of quality and efficiency that they deserve.

PayDay Masters provides all the services of the big guys, at a fraction of the cost.